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Bronze & Mora handles corporate gifts for top-tier brands in virtually every sector of the market.

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Discover our corporate gifts

Corporate gifts are Bronze & Mora’s specialty. Do you have an important event, do you need to dazzle with a welcome pack to match, can’t find anything among the typical Christmas hampers? Bronze & Mora is probably the most spectacular gourmet corporate gift . In fact, it is ideal as a gift for executives, employees, collaborators and VIP clients. What’s more, we offer you endless possibilities to personalize your corporate gifts . We can add your company logo on the letters on our boxes and baskets. We can also customize other things, such as cards, boxes, labels or even cases. You tell us what you need and we adapt to prepare everything, delivering it, finally, wherever you want. NEW! Now, from 2023, you can also complete your gourmet package with a one-night stay and breakfast for two in the national network of Paradores.

Options to personalize your gifts

Select any of the 3 formats shown below to see the different customization options.


Prices according to the elements to be customized

First of all, all of our bottles can include a card with a 12-word dedication and your company logo. In this way, it transforms a good gift into a much more personal detail. In addition, boxes and baskets have a letter somewhat longer, and therefore you can write up to 25 words, in addition to adding your logo. In all three cases (bottles, boxes and baskets), this first customization is offered as standard and is therefore totally FREE. However, if you wish to personalize other elements of the gift, we would have to produce them again. This implies an added cost, which is described below.

– Bottles –

A great little detail 100% corporate

Customisation of the bottle label with the customer’s logo. If desired, we can redesign / restyle the label too

  • 50-99 units: 2 € extra / unit (VAT included).
  • =/> 100 units: 1,5 € extra / unit (VAT included).

Customization of the bottle case with the customer’s logo. This option also allows for a total redesign of the case.

  • 50-99 units: 2,75 € extra / unit (VAT included).
  • =/> 100 units: 1,75 € extra / unit (VAT included).

– Gift Boxes S –

Designing your ideal case has never been so easy.

Customization of the main box label with the customer’s logo. You can also redesign the sticker to your liking.

  • 50-99 units: 2 € extra / unit (VAT included).
  • =/> 100 units: 1,5 € extra / unit (VAT included).

Customization of the gift box with the customer’s logo. In addition, this option also supports a redesign of the color and appearance of the case.

  • 50-99 units: 4 € extra / unit (VAT included).
  • =/> 100 units: 3,5 € extra / unit (VAT included).

– Gift Baskets L –

We engrave your company’s logo on the cover

Customized with the customer’s logo and design:

  • =/> 100 units: 0,75 € extra / unit (VAT included).

Customization of the basket by die-cutting, finally, with the customer’s logo. (This would be the only customization possible on the basket, therefore the design cannot be modified):

  • 50-99 units: 5 € extra / unit (VAT included).
  • =/> 100 units: 3 € extra / unit (VAT included).

Approximate production times

The simplest customization (stickers and labels) usually takes no more than 10 days. However, the redesign of cases, boxes or engraving of baskets requires more time (21 days minimum). These production lead times may be increased at certain times of the year, such as Christmas. Consequently, if you are thinking of personalizing your gifts, you should ideally allow at least 3 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact us on 915 214 884.

Ask for a free quote by calling (+34) 915 214 884. You can also send an e-mail to

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