Minibag XS North with tinned fish


Minibag XS North is the chicest version you can find of a pack of tinned fish. This gift bag includes an extraordinary tuna belly from the Atlantic Ocean, a can of hand-packed sardines, a jar of the best cristal bell pepper (considered the Iberian ham of the orchard) and some delicious gourmet bread sticks. Did we miss anything? Of course it is! This pack of tinned fish would not be an authentic Minibag Bronze & Mora if it did not include our spectacular early Hojiblanca EVOO. What a delight!

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Our fantastic XS mini-bag of tinned fish includes:

1º) Can of gourmet canned sardines in olive oil. Product subjected to a careful process of roasting, grilling and packaging entirely by hand. Drained weight: 115 gr. Characteristics: Shiny silver color. Creamy texture and intense fishy flavor, improved by maceration in olive oil.

2º) Can of gourmet canned belly of tuna from the Atlantic Ocean in olive oil. Manually packed product. Drained weight: 115 gr. Characteristics: Specific meat color (cream) and homogeneous, pleasant and balanced odor, firm and juicy texture.

3º) Bottle of extra virgin olive oil Hojiblanca (100 ml.).

4º) Jar of peppers of the cristal variety (200 gr.).

5º) Bag of gourmet bread sticks.


Tinned fish!

Attention because this pack of tinned fish gives a lot of play. For starters, you can prepare a great sandwich with peppers, ventresca and a good wood-fired bread with our EVOO. If you pass it through a sandwich maker the result is spectacular, we guarantee it. You can also make a great salad by adding sliced tomato and onion. In addition, you have the sardinillas, which are a non-stop with the Utrera peaks. You can make a nice toast with avocado and some sliced onion. The limit will be set by your imagination.


Write your dedication!

We wanted to include in each of our boxes an explanatory card that can be personalized with the dedication of your choice. You only have to fill in the field that refers to the dedication before proceeding to payment, writing a text that ideally should not be longer than 15 words (although we adapt to what you want to tell because we understand that every story is different).


Better than well-finished

Minibag XS is the smallest gift box in our catalog. Topped with a spectacular handmade bow, small, simple and flirty, Minibag XS is triangle-shaped and opens like a flower. As with the S boxes, the practicality and lightness of this format make it an ideal gift for occasional appointments. Are you traveling by plane? You can transport them in the aircraft cabin!

Please note that…

If you complete your purchase before 16:00 hours GMT +1 (Central Europe time zone / Madrid), from Monday to Thursday* (holidays not included), Bronze & Mora will prepare and send the basket the same day to be delivered anywhere in mainland Spain within a maximum period of 24 h / 48 h. We do not make deliveries during the weekend except for specific exceptions in the Community of Madrid (contact us via WhatsApp, e-mail or by calling 915 214 884 for more information).


Case dimensions

Packaging size

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I. Important note on allergens: this veggie basket includes products with gluten, which may contain traces of nuts, egg and other foods not suitable for people with nutritional restrictions(lactose intolerance, celiac disease, allergies, etc.).

II. Important note on Covid19: Only properly equipped personnel are involved in the assembly of our cases, always wearing masks and following a strict prior disinfection protocolthat includes constant hand washing, application of hydroalcoholic gel and use of nitrile gloves. Although we recommend discarding the outer packaging of the package once received, both the cases and any of our products are 100% safe.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 31 cm


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Minibag XS North with tinned fish
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