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Extra virgin olive oil picual early‘. Music to the ears. Every picualero at heart, or rather, every lover of real extra virgin olive oil, like the one from Jaén, knows what these words mean. We don’t want to detract from the others, because they are very good, but what can we do, in Bronze & Mora we have a weakness for this formula one. For us, there is Picual, and then there is the rest. An anthological juice with Denomination of Origin Sierra Mágina in 500 ml. bottle, picual is the cornerstone of Bronze & Mora, the base from which we prepare our extraordinary pairings. Enough of flat oils, please! Bottled in October, this oil displays its brutal fruitiness, intense, rabidly green, emerald green, green that I love you green, fresh, lively. Explosive. On the nose, its dazzling notes of freshly cut grass and green tomato do not deceive. The palate is extremely complex, with notes of tomato, mint, citrus, fig and banana peel. The icing on the cake is the extraordinary spicy-bitter balance so appreciated by lovers of good olive oil. The aftertaste, already in the throat, leaves a memory of alloza, almond and nuts. It stings, but it stings well, as it has to sting, and gives a pleasant final sensation difficult to find in a juice with these characteristics. If you are looking for a real olive oil, either to give as a gift or to treat yourself, remember: Picual early Bronze & Mora. You won’t go wrong.



500 ml. bottle of early picual extra virgin olive oil presented in an individual mustard case with black handmade lacing. Optionally, you can add a small card with a personalized dedication (when the website asks for your billing and shipping information, you will find the dedication section in the first box).

  • Type of olive: Picual.
  • Place of harvest: Province of Jaén.
  • Designation of Origin: Sierra Mágina.
  • Tasting notes:
    Emerald green. Nose: Green tomato and freshly cut grass ; green tomato and freshly cut grass ; green tomato and freshly cut grass ; green tomato. Palate : Mouth ; tomato, mint, fig tree and banana peel ; tomato, mint, fig tree and banana peel ; citrus fruits ; citrus fruits. Aftertaste : Mouthfeel ; alloza and dried fruits.
  • Collection month: October 2023
  • Fruity: Intense green
  • Bitterness: Slightly bitter.
  • Pungent: Slightly spicy.
  • Acidity: 0.2º.


pairing picual early tomatoes, bronze tomatoes and blackberry

Pairing tips

Our early picual is an ideal olive oil to enhance your salads, especially if they are tomato salads with coarse salt. Perfect for gazpachos or salmorejos, with asparagus or mushrooms. It goes equally well with meat(stews), fish (codin pil-pil sauce!!!) and even seafood (prawns with garlic). And it is ideal on a good toast of wood-fired bread!

pairing picual early tomatoes, bronze tomatoes and blackberry

Write your dedication

You can personalize your gift with a small message. It’s free! Each bottle can optionally include a small black envelope with a customizable card. In addition to the tasting note, the card includes a space for your dedication. You only have to write it(12 words maximum) in the first field of the billing information, just before proceeding to the payment.

pairing picual early tomatoes, bronze tomatoes and blackberry

We make a difference

We take care of the appearance of our products down to the last detail. All our bottles are presented in an elegant mustard-colored box with hand-tied black satin lacing. For this, we were inspired by the art of Kanzashi Japanese art: our ribbons are a point of departure in the industry. And, if you are going to give a gift, it better look impeccable.


Please note that…

If you finalize your purchase before 16:00 hours, from Monday to Thursday*(holidays not included), Bronze & Mora will prepare and ship the basket the same day to be delivered within 24 h / 48 h maximum. within peninsular Spain. We do not make deliveries during the weekend except for specific exceptions (contact us via WhatsApp, e-mail or by calling 915 214 884 for more information).

Case dimensions

Packing dimensions

Packing weight

Delivery time

I. Important note on allergens: olive oil is gluten-free and is a product perfectly suitable for coeliacs. In any case, olives are still a fruit, and certain allergies, especially skin allergies, have been described on very rare occasions. If in doubt, please contact the National Institute of Toxicology at 915 620 420.

II. Important note on Covid19: Only properly equipped personnel, always wearing masks, are involved in the assembly of our boxes, following a strict prior disinfection protocol that includes constant hand washing, application of hydroalcoholic gel and use of nitrile gloves. Although we recommend discarding the outer packaging of the package once received, both the cases and any of our products are 100% safe.

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 10 cm

250 ml., 500 ml.


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Early Picual
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