Malasaña XL – The ultimate batch of beers (copia)


The batch of Malasaña XL beers in Magnum version (35% bigger) is ours.
no va más cervecero
A great gift with capital letters corrected and increased to start the party at home with a rich and tasty snack. It brings together the best of Madrid’s craft beer (4 units, 3 varieties) with a selection of gourmet products specially designed to pair with it. If you want to give the best craft beer as a gift and you are looking for a round pack, you will not find anything like Malasaña XL. We guarantee it. Oh, by the way! Check out this
short unboxing
to get an idea of what our baskets look like inside.


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The products in this batch of beers have so many prizes that we almost ran out of space to list them:

1º) 2 low fermentation‘Madrid Lager‘ beers, matured at low temperature for more than 40 days, to achieve a subtle and balanced flavor. Moderately bitter, with 4 types of malt and 3 different hop varieties. ‘Madrid Lager’ has been awarded as the best Helles style Lager in Spain at the World Beer Awards 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. That’s nothing!

2º) 1‘Jamonera‘ beer of high fermentation Amber Ale style. Ideal for pairing with ham or Iberian shoulder. Jamonera has been awarded as the best Amber Ale in Spain at the World Beer Awards 2019.

3º) 1 top-fermented‘360º‘ beer that uses 3 times more hops than a normal beer. A clean blonde pale ale with a pronounced fruity flavor, 360º is perfect for pairing with cheeses.

4º) 2 bags of San Nicasio gourmet potato chips (40 gr.). Without discussion, the best potato chips in existence. The slow, low-temperature frying method is the best guarantee of integrity and quality, while ensuring consistent flavor and texture. San Nicasio has won the gold medal in every edition of the Monde Selection Awards since 2008. 13 years being the benchmark. Something absolutely extraordinary, almost as much as the taste of these potatoes.

5º) The jar of gourmet pitted olives from Seville of the Gordal variety (160 gr.) with Protected Geographical Indication included in this pack is a perfect complement to the potatoes. Its delicious flesh and XL size make this olive the queen of olives. 100% Spanish snacking!!!!

6º) Piece of semi-cured Manchego cheese (250 gr.) awarded with the silver medal in several editions of the World Cheese Awards. Characteristics:
It presents a pale yellow rind with consistency and firmness. The internal color is ivory white with small eyes and acidified lactic odor. |
Aromas of dry grass and toasted pistachios. | Mouth; almost no elasticity, buttery sensation of cream and almond flour.

7º) Sliced 100% acorn-fed Iberian shoulder (100 gr.)

  • Watch out! Optional: sliced 100% acorn-fed Iberian shoulder (80 gr.) Cinco Jotas.

8º) Bottle of extra virgin olive oil pajarera / hojiblanca according to availability. (250 ml.)

9º) 2 bags of Gourmet peppers from Utrera (30 gr.)

In option, Paradores gift card with 1 night + Buffet breakfast for 2 people in a standard double room in a selection of more than 90 Paradores.

detail of gift basket of craft beers Madrid Bronze & Mora

A unique batch of beers

Beers should be served very cold, at 6 degrees at the most. The ideal is to moisten the glass with very cold water (it is not recommended to put it in the freezer). To pour it, the glass must be tilted at 45º and filled to 3/4 full, leaving the final quarter of the glass at a rest to allow the formation of foam. Cheese and shoulder must be opened at least 45 minutes before consumption. And the potatoes, what are we going to tell you… they will be seen and not seen. Put the well-drained olives in a bowl and enjoy these products as they deserve.

Write your dedication!

We wanted to include in each of our boxes an explanatory letter that can be personalized with the dedication of your choice. You only have to fill in the field that refers to the dedication before proceeding to payment, writing a text that ideally should not be longer than 30 words (although we adapt to what you want to tell because we understand that every story is different). We will take care of personalizing the letter with the words you write to us, and we will do it with great care so that it looks impeccable. It’s that easy.


Extraordinary finish

Certainly, it is difficult to find a better presented gift set. We pay attention to the smallest detail. Instead of using paper shavings inside the case, we fit the products into a perfect puzzle, so that everything rests neatly, wrapped in a soft quilted bed lined with Italian tissue paper. The set is topped off with another bed, on which we place an information sheet and the letter. Then, we close the pack with a wonderful handmade lace.

Please note that…

If you finalize your purchase before 16:00 hours, from Monday to Thursday*(holidays not included), Bronze & Mora will prepare and send the basket the same day to be delivered within a maximum period of 24 h / 48 h within mainland Spain. We do not make deliveries during the weekend except for specific exceptions (contact us via WhatsApp, e-mail or by calling 915 214 884 for more information).


Case dimensions

Packing dimensions

Packing weight

Delivery time


I. Important note on allergens: this basket includes products with gluten, which may contain traces of nuts, egg and other foods not suitable for people with nutritional restrictions(lactose intolerance, celiac disease, allergies, etc.).

II. Important note on Covid19: Only properly equipped personnel are involved in the assembly of our cases, always wearing masks and following a strict prior disinfection protocolthat includes constant hand washing, application of hydroalcoholic gel and use of nitrile gloves. Although we recommend discarding the outer packaging of the package once received, both the cases and any of our products are 100% safe.


Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 32 cm
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Malasaña XL – The ultimate batch of beers (copia)
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