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Thank goodness we can use these wonderful sweet gift baskets when we want to leave that special person open-mouthed. At Bronze & Mora we have wisely combined our spectacular AOVEs with an endless list of confectionery delights: chocolates, pastries, gourmet popcorn, toasts, panettones, pani dolciSend love with one of our sweet gift baskets, you won’t regret it.


sweet gift baskets


Vin & Chocolat
is not a simple basket with sweets to give as a gift; it is an authentic pairing kit with Pruno wine (the best Spanish wine for less than 20 dollars, Robert Parker dixit) and dark chocolate with freeze-dried fruits specially designed to be enjoyed with red wine…

The polyphenol barrage is completed with our early extra virgin olive oil (bottled plutonium), the most outrageous gourmet cherry popcorn and natural raspberries with chocolate topping. And that’s not all, because, in addition, we have included the delicious Moscovitas pastriesmade of the best marcona almonds with a dark chocolate coating.

It may seem that we are exaggerating, but take our word for it, this pack is a 10 in every way.



Home / Sweet gift baskets

Other sweet gift basket options!

Vin & Chocolat has a smaller version smaller version but you can also give other options for those with a sweet tooth, such as our exquisite Panettone hamper XL  or the Breakfast pack, both in its L version and XL. By clicking on any of them you will find all the information you need, but do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

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