Packs with canned fish

Packs with canned fish offer a unique opportunity to enjoy seafood products masterfully preserved to delight the most demanding palates. At Bronze & Mora, we have selected the best of the best from the three products most representative of the premium canned fish. To begin with, the extraordinary sardines in Olive Oil. Our sardinillas packed by hand, one by one, calmly, at their perfect point of ripeness, they are immersed in high quality olive oil, resulting in a juicy and flavorful delicacy. They are perfect to enjoy on toast or as a star ingredient in salads and gourmet dishes. Pickled mussels are another gem of canned fish. Paired with a mixture of vinegar, oil and spices, the mussels acquire a complex and balanced flavor. That is why our packs with canned fish are ideal for appetizers, tapas or to give a distinctive touch to rice and pasta dishes. Ventresca in extra virgin olive oil is a versatile option for any kitchen. Whether in salads, sandwiches or hot dishes, it provides a firm texture and delicate flavor that combines perfectly with a variety of ingredients. And it is irresistible if you combine it with our cristal variety peppers in a good sandwich with wood-fired bread.

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