Packs with Iberian products

When it comes to delighting the senses with authentic and traditional flavors, packs with Iberian products stand out as true gastronomic gems. The packs that include a selection of these exquisite delicacies offer a complete culinary experience, transporting food lovers to the countryside and traditions of Spain. In Bronze & Mora we bet for the best. Therefore, as far as the packs with Iberian products are concerned, we have decided to focus on the two most important breeding areas in Spain Jabugo (Huelva, Andalusia) and Guijuelo (Salamanca, Castilla y León) are the real ‘flagships’ of our acorn-fed Iberian products. In both cases, the 100% Iberian breed pigs live free in the countryside, roaming freely among cork oaks and holm oaks. Its diet, based on acorns and grass, together with its healthy lifestyle (unthinkable for any other farm animal), give it a unique flavor.

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