Iberian acorn-fed ham

Iberian acorn-fed ham and shoulder ham are, without discussion, the treasure of our gastronomy. In Bronze & Mora we know it and we wanted to go a little further, offering you a unique pack from the hand of 5 Jotas. To speak of 5 Jotas is inevitably to refer to Jabugo of the highest quality, a unique variety of 100% Iberian pig in danger of extinction, with a slower growth than its Iberian congeners. Free-range rearing, with a diet based on acorns, gives it unique characteristics. For all these reasons, lovers of true acorn-fed Iberian ham will find their particular nirvana in these cases. The packs include, in addition to the whole piece, a selection of absolutely irresistible gourmet products. Cheese, asparagus, chocolates, olive oil, red wine… As always, each pack includes a customizable explanatory letter with the dedication you wish to write.

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